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Our mission: is to keep art and music alive by helping new and struggling artists/entertainers promote their talents, find their way, and grow. 

Our goal: is to become a well-known organization that offers resources and assistance to both low-income individuals, and/or young up-and-coming entertainers/entrepreneurs in the field of the arts. Ultimately, helping them in their journey to create and maintain a successful career in music, art, and live entertainment.

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live Events & Booking Program:

 Who’s On Stage Now Live Events & Booking Program:

This program includes individual mentoring, booking assistants for both paid and nonpaid gig opportunities in Arizona. We help create live performance opportunities for up and coming music artists. We also help with resources, networking opportunities and individual growth. 


Assistance Program:

Recording Assistance  Program:

This program is designed to help struggling musicians with the resources, including monetary assist to help pay for the recording cost of an original song. Giving them that extra boost to get started in the music industry.


Building Successful Artists Program:

Building Successful Artists Program:

We offering opportunities to artist as well by making free and low cost vendor tables available at our live events throughout Arizona and our communities around the valley to help artists grow and promote their brand and of art work .


Arts Education & Intern Program:

Arts Education & Intern Program:

We planning to work together with our Sponsors to obtain monetary assistance for several valley colleges and their art student education programs. This  program will help with individual schooling cost (for an artist looking to attend art related programs or schools). It will also create intern positions for graduating students in the field of art and entertainment.

In-depth about our programs

We currently have 3 active Programs to help artists grow in our communities: Our “Who’s On Stage Now Program” is a live music booking and events program. This program supports emerging artists and provides a platform to draw attention towards their particular artistry. The program continuously offers artists, musicians and entertainers, as well as photographers, videographers, and sound engineers paid and non-paid gig opportunities. We also create our own live events, Our live events help to get more artists preforming out in public spaces and helps to expand their brands and fan-bases. Participants in this program receive one-on-one mentoring and business training in how to grow an artist career. Within this program we also partner many of our live events with other 501C (3) organizations in Az such as Wham, The Arts HQ Gallery, Ground Floor Artists, A New Leaf, Transformation Treehouse, Valley View community food bank and many more . Together we’ve created bigger concerts, shows, and community events throughout Az such as Our annual November Concert For a Cause food drive, The Surprise Imprint Festival, Phenix Summer Heat and our Music for a Mission Concerts just to name a few. These events showcase authentic art and bring community awareness to the struggling artists’ fight to thrive and grow in the field of the arts.

 Our “Recording Assistance Program” is designed to help struggling musicians with the resources needed to record an original work of art, including monetary assistance to help cover their recording cost of a original song, giving them the extra boost to get started in the music industry. 

The “Building Successful Artist Program” offers artists (of multi-media genres such as painters, sculptors, sketch artists etc.) opportunities for free and low-cost vendor tables at our events so they may showcase their artistry throughout our community. We also help them to promote their brand of artwork. This program offers financial support to help struggling artists obtain memberships to art related organizations that can help them grow their careers.

How we develop our programing to serve our communities in AZ

Our Board of Directors meet quarterly to make decisions on program goals and planning events that support our mission. We prioritize services based on the needs of the artists that apply for our programs. The majority of artists enrolled in our programs are musicians. We work with community members and city administrators through Arizona Cities to set goals to create more live music events. We are also working to bring more music to the west side of the valley. We share similar goals with growing cities in Arizona to help create events that merge both art and music together. We collaborate our community events with other local businesses and 501c3 organizations throughout Az to help fund shared community interests as well.

The impact that our programs and services have on the Az art communities is that we bring awareness to the struggling artist, helping young or newer artists to grow a sustainable career in the field of the arts. We’ve helped many artists through our Who’s On Stage Now Program that creates more live entertainment opportunities for newer artist/musicians to showcase. It is extremely hard to hold a successful art/ music career in Az, and we help guide our participance’s so they can learn how to make a sustainable income as a young artist. With our On Stage Now events, we help other Az nonprofit organizations as well, to grow their resources through aligning our concert shows with them to build revenue for more than one organization at a time, ultimately growing Arizona’s giving back community.

While planning community events, we consider the potential audiences and choose appropriate entertainment accordingly. At our all-ages events, performers tailor their music choices and lyrics to be appropriate for younger aged audiences. Our organization ensures an accessible and inclusive environment by helping artists, musicians, and entertainers (of all ages, genres and ethnicities) in the field of the arts, express their culture, talents, and abilities in a welcoming space. We aim to help artists and entertainers learn and grow. Our programs are designed to specifically support and enable up-and-coming or struggling artists such as low-income or students in school, etc. All of our free programs have qualifying guidelines such as income requirements.

We are a 501C-3

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