This program is a free resource empowering Arizona-based artists. We focus on music, the arts, live stage entertainment such as organizing music concerts and more. Our program provides valuable information, business contacts, and gig opportunities. Joining us offers access to local events through email notifications, Instagram posts and our Facebook group chats. You’ll have access to a community of resources including both paid and unpaid gig opportunities throughout Arizona. This program also encourages and welcomes participants to share their own personal upcoming art and entertainment events directly on our social media platforms free of charge. We collaborate with several 501(c)(3)s, hosting our own live music and show events throughout the year to showcase a slew of local upcoming talent, bands, soloists and entertainers. We have showcased many talented artists, and will contact you to offer opportunity to participate in these events. Enrollees receive information on how to craft personalized social media bios, creating online promotional material, start a small business in the felid of the arts and more. This program supports emerging artists and provides a platform to draw attention towards their particular artistry. Participants can also enjoy many free online classes and webinars that will help them grow in the field of the arts. Please note: You must be an Arizona resident and fall within the income guidelines to apply for this free program. To Apply now, fill out the form below to see how we can help you grow your entertainment career.

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Our mission: To keep art and music alive by bringing community awareness to it, while helping new and struggling artists/entertainers promote their talents, find their way and grow.