This program is designed to help struggling musicians with the resources, including monetary assist to help pay for the recording cost of an original song. Giving them that extra boost to help get started in the music industry. We help the participants that are in this program map out and create a professional recording of their original written songs with production and additional accompaniment if needed. When you sign up for this program, there may be a waiting list. However, when it is your turn to record. We will help guide and teach you the basic studio recording process. Participants in this program will receive assists in creating your own sound. We have resources that will help you promote and publish your completed song as well. 

We work with a select few of Arizona top Audio engineers during the recording process. Further more any recorded works of art made through this program will belong solely to you (the artist), we will not make any monetary claims on any final recordings. This program holds guidance and directions only. Participants can also enjoy many free online classes and webinars that will help them grow their music careers in the field of the arts, such as classes on how to copyright finished songs and more. Note- it is the musicians responsibility to complete their own copyrights. Also note: you must be an Arizona resident and fall within the income guidelines to apply for this free program. To Apply now, fill out the form below to see how we can help you create, record and release your original music as well.

Recording assistance program application

Are you a soloist or group/ band
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Your info will be kept confidential , however you must show proof of low income or school enrolment to be considered for this program.

After you have pressed the submit button above for your application to be reviewed. We will contact you by email with further instructions for this programs process. Thank you for applying.

Our mission: To keep art and music alive by bringing community awareness to it, while helping new and struggling artists/entertainers promote their talents, find their way and grow.